Customer Service


  • Delivery Policy
    • Will Call Customers / COD Customers
      • Your order will be delivered as soon as the driver can work the delivery into his route. We stress that you call us when your tank is between 20-30% to allow the driver time to make the delivery before your tank would run out and you will avoid being charged for the Block Test.
    • Keep Fill Customers
      • We recommended you to watch your tanks and call if it reaches below 30%.
      • There will be a 10% storage fee for any remaining gallons left at the end of March.
    • After Hours Delivery
      • No deliveries will be made nights or weekends unless you are a Miles LP Gas Pre Buy customer
  • 24 Hour Emergency
    • Emergency Phone Number
      • Miles LP Gas – (270) 302-8159
      • Harris Gas – (270) 836-2787
    • Leave a Message w/:
      • Name
      • Address
      • Account Number
      • What the emergency is
      • The person on call will return your call as soon as possible
    • Reasons to Call Emergency Number
      • Out of gas (Pre-Buy Customers Only)
      • Gas Leak (Inside or Outside of House)
        • if you have a gas leak, Immediately turn the gas OFF & Call the Emergency Number
  • Return / Refund Policy
    • If a customer requests tank pick up and propane is in the tank, there will be a $65.00 pump out fee. All remaining gas will be refunded to the customer at the price they paid per gallon, less any balance on the account. The check will be made payable to the customer who signed the lease agreement
  • Customer Service Contact Including Email / Phone
    • Miles LP Gas  – Owensboro Office
    • Harris Gas – Salem Office
      • (800) 245-4050 or (270) 988-2145
      • Janet Hughes (Gas Orders, Gas Deliveries, Collections)
  • Owensboro Office Address:
    Miles L-P Gas, Inc.
    2740 Keller Rd.
    Owensboro, KY 42301
  • Owensboro Office Mailing Address:
    Miles L-P Gas, Inc.
    P.O. Box 22919
    Owensboro, KY 42304
  • Harris Gas Office Address:
    616 East Main St.
    Salem, KY 42078